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Design + Build

Design build simply means that we manage both the design and building of the project - Instead of the traditional format design, bid, and build, which separates the designer and builder. Although we offer a range of design services, we have found that we can best provide value to our clients through the design-build process. We believe that it is unique to find a contractor who designs, and a designer/architect who is also a builder. In this way we offer a unique perspective and a holistic approach to our clients. This allows for seamless transitions through all phases of the design and construction process.

Architecture-Only Services

If a design-build contract is not right for your situation, but you are still in need of architectural services for your project, StudioMET Architects is a full-service residential and commercial design firm that has the experience and knowledge to deliver a great project

Real Estate Services

Finding and securing the right property for your project can be a daunting task. With a licensed real estate agent as a principal of the firm, we can guide you through the entire process of choosing and purchasing property.

Land-Planning and Replat Services

For some projects, lot subdivision and/or consolidation may be required. If that is the case, we can provide land-planning and replat services for all project sizes and complexities.

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